Livestock Quarantine Procedure (14 Days)

At Shop Aquarium Fish (SAF), we only sell the highest quality of livestock and take great pride in doing so.  SAF was started to grow the hobby by having fish available that aren't too common.  Have you ever taken livestock home, and lost them because of poor water conditions?  When hobbyists give up because of bad experiences, they miss out on all the good ones. We are here to help you avoid that experience all together!

Shop ​Aquarium Fish has only one goal, and that is to have the best quality livestock available!  Our fish are 100% healthy before going out.  One of our main principles is to quarantine and medicate new arrivals.  We make sure that our livestock is to the standards that we would want, and those standards are high!   

Here's why we quarantine:

  1. Our livestock come in from all over the world.  Sometimes, we are the third landing spot for the livestock meaning that you, our customer, are the fourth.  Saying all of this, the livestock goes through a lot of stress during shipment.  This stress can cause many different issues that you usually cannot see the first few days.  To make it easier on the livestock and you, we feel it's necessary to give time for the livestock to normalize before we get them out to you.  This is why the 14 days is very important because it allows us time to treat the symptoms, and address any underlying issues.

  2. Our livestock are treated with medication as soon as they come in to us.  We receive several hundred fish to a bag, and if one is sick, there's a high probability they all are.  This is why we treat everyone.  We use a couple of broad spectrum medications that will cover any issue that would be there.  Medicating isn't a two day process, and it can take several treatments to eradicate parasites.

  3. We rather take the loss on livestock than you, our customer!  Being a hobbyist, we have losses when we buy from places that don't medicate and/or quarantine.  If anything was to happen with our livestock, it will happen here with us, and in the 14 day quarantine.  If the 14 days aren't enough, we quarantine longer.  So the 14 day quarantine allows us to get every animal healthy, and ready to go to you.

Housing Our Livestock


At Shop Aquarium Fish, we believe in water quality.  The first thing we do when bringing in fish is to drip acclimate.  We remove most of the water leaving enough for the fish to swim in.  We drop in ammonia remover to protect the fish from being burned followed by adding air to them.  Slow drip method is our preferred choice, and this is done over several hours.  We add three to four times our water to the water they come in.  This will allow the water parameters be much closer to ours without really stressing the fish.  The fish are then caught and added into their own isolated tank.  Here they are medicated and quarantined for 14 days, or longer if needed.  Once the livestock is deemed healthy, they get 95% water change to remove all medications.  They are then refilled with freshwater, and observed over the remaining quarantine period.


Our systems get 95% water changes once a week.  This will remove any harmful build up that's in the water column.  We run our systems on loops meaning every tank on a system is using the same water.  This creates water movement as well has extra oxygen.  Every tank is apart of a system, yet can be isolated from a system using ball valves.  The main reason we do this is to have the same water parameters on all our systems.  This in turn makes it easier for our customers when the fish are received, and the acclimating process.  


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